Sydney & The Blue Mountains, AUS

Sydney was one of three major cities we visited in Australia and was very different than Melbourne. I felt it did not have the same “bohemian” vibe that I felt in Melbourne however I always felt close to the water in Sydney and that made me very happy! Also, compared to Melbourne, there seemed to be many more visual landmarks such as the Opera House, Sydney and Darling Harbours, and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I am probably committing a faux pas by comparing the two cities and I do not want to insult anyone’s pride in their city so let me just say that I found each city to be amazing and each had their own charm!

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Melbourne & The Great Ocean Road, AUS

Australia! I went to Australia and it was amazing!

Australia was not on my list of places to visit in the immediate future however when given the opportunity to go, I took it right away. This trip was to serve two main purposes: 1) Explore an amazing country/continent and 2) Validate if all the rumors were true about deadly creatures hiding in your bed covers waiting to kill you 24/7.

We traveled from Montreal at the end of December 2012 and spent three amazing weeks visiting Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns. Before leaving, we were potentially looking at visiting New Zealand or Tasmania as well (I wanted to do the Overland Track) however decided to focus only on Australia for this first visit. I know I will go back again so I will definitely visit New Zealand and Tasmania at some point!

I have decided to write three posts for this trip: 1) Melbourne & The Great Ocean Road, 2) Sydney & The Blue Mountains, 3) Cairns, Daintree National Park, & The Great Barrier Reef.

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